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episodic adj
1 of writing or narration; divided into or composed of episodes; "the book is episodic and the incidents don't always hang together"
2 occurring or appearing at usually irregular intervals; "episodic in his affections"; "occasional headaches" [syn: occasional]
3 limited in duration to a single episode; "an account concerned primarily with episodic events such as the succession of rulers"

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episode + -ic


(US) IPA: /ˌɛpɪˈsɑdɪk/


  1. relating to an episode
    • 1999, The Limey (movie)
      When I'm not honing my craft in episodic television, I do double-duty as a voice coach.
  2. sporadic, happening infrequently and irregularly
    • Fortunately, my episodic bouts of dizziness didn't prevent me from climbing Chichen Itzá.
  3. made up a sequence of seemingly unconnected episodes
    • I just read five attempts at episodic novels -- has nobody heard of a plot anymore?

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Episodic can refer to
  • The nature of television series that are divided into short programs. See Episode
  • Episodic memory relates to the types of memory that result from specific incidents in a life time.
  • In Geology episodic refers to events that occur or have occurred periodically. Length of the period may be even thousands or millions of years.

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